It’s All Happening Here

I’ve not left you, blog readers. Very busy becoming a new distributor in Australia and launching one of our companies in the UK. Not much chance to take lovely pictures of food and post the details.

So I just thought I’d let you know where it’s all at. It’s still all happening on Pinterest. I still manage to find the time, ok, slack off to Pinterest for a few minutes a day and do some pinning. It is my refuge. It makes me eat healthier when I look at these pictures more often. So I usually escape, mentally escape that is, for a few minutes while the kids are eating breakfast or dinner (one laptop lives in the kitchen).

pinterest So if you are in need of some inspiration, I suggest you pop on over to and start your own pin board. Save what you find interesting and then make it!

50 Kale Recipes

kale recipes

Everybody’s favourite superfood. Well, sort of. There are still a lot of people I know who won’t eat kale. And I understand. If you pick it up from the farmers market, take it home and munch on it, eeewwww!

If you do nothing with kale it is rather revolting. So, I take it you already know how it goes, it needs a bit of love. Nothing special. If you are eating it raw, just tear it up and pour a little oil over it and massage the oil in for a minute or two. You’ll notice the colour change – it becomes more greenĀ  – a more energetic green. (more…)

My Day on A Plate: What Healthy AllStars Eat

I think I learn the most out of seeing what someone else does, rather than them telling me what I should do. I think it’s because I’m a hands on kind of person and doing sinks in better than reading.

I’ve gained a lot of insight from reading other healthy stars “My Day on a Plate” type articles, and I’m also very nosy so love to see how they work their day.

Anyhow, I figure someone should put them all in one place as they might be useful for other equally hands on people (and the nosy ones.)


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