Wellness: proactively take care of oneself to feel even healthier, look better, slow the effects of aging and/or prevent diseases from developing.

My name is Elle and this is my mission.

I want reach out to a million mums and get them to eat better. Join the wellness revolution and spread the word.

Choosing quality food for long term health instead of eating poorly today and suffering disease tomorrow.

Choosing and cooking mostly organic whole foods, with consideration for ethical meat/dairy/fish sources and making sure they and their family eat with an emphasis on vegetables (especially of the green variety).

If we can get a million mums around the world to eat better with regards to the environment and their long term health, then we can churn out at least two million children who demand more quality food and give processed foods the finger.

My Story

It all started during pregnancy. The in-law’s were coming to help out, meaning they were staying with us for two months. Some of you might roll your eyes at that, but my in-laws are great, they actually do help and are fun to have around.

So, anyhow, my mother in law has leukemia and being the helpful, ahem…pushy person I am, I was looking at what I could cook for her when she was out here (here being Australia). I thought I could make some delicious immune boosting meals to make her feel better.

After days of searching I ordered the Crazy Sexy Diet by Kris Carr. THIS BOOK CHANGED MY LIFE. I kid you not. If you haven’t read it go to your library now and read it.

I had always eaten well, wasn’t into junk food and didn’t eat a lot of processed foods, but this book just made me think about food and my lifestyle in an entirely different way. I have given copies of the book to two friends and recommended it to countless others.

So, that was the start. Unlike Kris, I am not a vegan, I’m still very much a meat lover, however we have reduced our meat take and are fussy about where it comes from. I now only buy from free range or organic farmers I can trust (so not so much the big supermarkets).

You know I always loved animals and for years have been ignoring how they came to be on my plate. I’m sure most of you feel the same. See a cute lamb and do you think of lamb shanks? I’m betting no.

But being a mother for the second time, it all just started to make sense – ok and my hormones are way up there for crying at puppy commercials. I need to take responsibility for what I eat – and in my case that means what my family eats as I am the head cooker and shopper. I needed to realise that animals were suffering so I could enjoy a bacon sarnie and, yeah whilst bacon tastes particularly good after a bender, was that more important than a pig being stuck in a sow stall? I think not.

So, meat consumption was made ethical and reduced. I was pretty good at not eating processed foods, but I took it to the next level and cut out bread and basically anything that came from a packet and had a long list of ingredients. Mostly what I eat now from the processed family are corn wraps and brown rice crackers.

You know if you give up processed foods I think most people would easily lose weight to their natural size within a couple of months. Giving up processed foods usually means you drastically cull your gluten and sugar intake and it’s these bad boys that love to sit around your waist and hips.

Then I decided to remove dairy. This was something I’d always wanted to try, but as baby number 2 turned out to be a spew monster, I thought I’d see if I could help her by cutting out dairy and eggs. There’s a protein in these that some newborns find difficult to digest, so by cutting them out it did actually reduce her spew a little. I hate to say not a lot though:)

I’m somewhere between a vegan, raw foodist and paleo, although my husband calls me an organic stick eater.

That’s only because he’s still stimulating his sense of taste with¬†artificial sugars in the form of Cadbury so his taste buds understandably deem kale boring.

My taste buds have dramatically changed over the past year. I’m eating foods I used to think were disgusting and finding them tasty. I believe it’s because I’ve cleaned out my palette.

I never thought I would be eating the same foods as Gwyneth, but that girl is onto something!

So, that’s roughly my story. And why am I telling you? Well, I’ve had countless mothers ask me how I’ve lost so much weight. They all think I’ve been working out and nothing could be further from the truth. You don’t need exercise to lose weight. You do need it for fitness, but not to lose weight.

I want to dispel the myth that you must make it burn in order to look good. It’s utter rubbish. So mums around the world, join me on the wellness revolution and lose weight without exercise. Have more energy than you’ve ever had before and feel sexy (oh yeah, forgot to mention I’m going to be talking to you about sex – it’s an important part of wellness that is often overlooked – and I have a “love shop” so am well versed in such matters!). And go eco-friendly so we can help our little darlings world…

Much love to all and kisses,


p.s. This is also my second recipe blog. My first launched in 2006 with much enthusiasm, only to die a slow painful death under the hands of wordpress hackers…that was after years of neglect by moi. Promise not to let the same happen to www. xxx.

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