A New Direction – Frugal Eco Cooking Zero Waste Style


I’ve been a slacker for a while on this blog. I’ve still been cooking, but I’m trying to address a few issues on the homefront, most notably practising more zero waste and becoming financially independent. What I’ve discovered after much holiday reading of blogs like Mr Money Mustache, Early Retirement Extreme, Financial Samurai, The Escape Artist and the FrugalWoods is that becoming financially independent is rather easy (in many ways, not all) if you are waste aware.

Having spent the last few years half-hardheartedly practising zero waste and being anti-consumption, it all seems to fit together with the added bonus of money saved (like massive savings in the range of $1k per month!), more efficiency and again, less waste!

As we’re transitioning a bit now, I can share with you how I’m we’re working towards financial independence without feeling like we are sacrificing anything, and avoiding the family thinking I’m going to feed them rice and beans for the rest their lifetime. I don’t think I’m going to discuss full on financial independence like housing (which is still way to much for us) and I won’t bang on so much about the second elephant (car-use), but I sure can provide you with loads of information to reduce your third biggest expense, whilst still caring for the planet, producing less waste, eating whole foods and improving your health and waistline.

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Zero Waste Kitchen: Cooking Recipes and a Sort of Meal Plan

Hello Zero Wasters!

I’ve been plotting a spreadsheet for a few months to make a list of zero waste recipes. Following on from Bea’s excellent advice in her book Zero Waste Home, she has set days for types of ingredients. This narrows down menu planning and makes it easier, as instead of looking for anything to cook for dinner you are looking for something more specific. Ok, that sounds vague, but you’ll see what I mean below.

Mon Tues Weds Thurs Fri Sat Sun
Legume Fish Grain Pasta Other Meat Pizza Chicken

Bea doesn’t have a pizza night and she doesn’t have an other meat night, but I can’t get the family down to one night of meat a week. You could swap one of these with an egg night. Anyway can you see how this makes it easier to start your menu planning?

But I know what you really want to know about is the healthy kids recipes. This is what I struggled with at first. I’m not zero waste, I am trying to get close to zero waste. I see most of the household waste comes from the kitchen, and as it’s pretty much my domain so I figure I can be the one to change it.

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