It’s a Wrap. A Healthy Lunch Wrap That Is…

Lunch Wraps

Lunch Wraps

Above image is from this tasty recipe of Raw Thai Collard Wraps from Poppies and Papayas – check it out!

Wraps are awesome for lunch. And who says they have to be wheat based?

Take a journey with me and take either some damp rice sheets, nori sheets (for sushi) or collards (think giant spinach or kale).

Next slice some organic carrot into matchsticks, (yes organic – carrots have lots of crap when they aren’t organic), some cucumber and avocado, now what else do you have on hand – some capsicum, rocket/arugula, mint or parsley?

Then get a sauce, sweet chilli (homemade of course, sans sugar!) or hummus or tahini based, perhaps some walnuts or cashews then wrap.

I currently have over 25 recipes on the Pinterest Healthy Lunch Wraps board so head on over and pick one for lunch today!

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