Raw Vegan Nori Veggie Wraps

Raw Vegan Nori Veggie Wraps

Raw Vegan Nori Veggie Wraps

Spring is here…sort of. It was at least on the weekend, 32 degrees and blue sky, then yesterday I had to get the doona’s out again as it was about 12! There’s something about spring that just makes me feel like clean eating, new habits, reinventing and trying harder (at what I don’t know!).

So, I took a bad instagram picture last week of these veggie wraps I made and people seemed to like them, so I thought I’d knock up the recipe properly and get out the good camera to take some real photos. This is the result. As you can see the sun was shining. And I ran out of zucchini and had to use cucumber, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Even though I squeezed all the juice out, it was still a bit damp. Trust me the zucchini is much better.

Today turned out to be one of those Spring days of reinvention. Had a blazing fight with my husband about work (he’s also my business partner) after we lost an arm of one of our businesses. A profitable arm too I might add! Our fight wasn’t a blame game, it was over the next steps to take which we didn’t agree on. Thankfully a bit of a cry, some alone time and a shower gave me new ideas and the ability to discuss them in a civil manner, and get excited about them. Future looking much brighter now!

Anyway, back to reinvention. I’ve been reinventing my diet a bit lately too. I’ve become a sneaky plant based vegan. That is I haven’t yet mentioned it to my family. It’s been six days since I last ate meat, and I don’t eat dairy anyway, but I haven’t had any eggs or fish either. I’m not committed to being a vegan, this is just a Spring experiment to see if I can go a month (which will be tricky given it’s my birthday next week and I’m going out for about 4 meals). I think I’ll give myself a break on the birthday meals, maybe find something vegetarian, or just eat fish. As for the family not noticing, well it’s only usually dinner with my husband as the kids eat earlier, and as we never sit down to meat and three veg he hasn’t noticed. Last night I made a chicken vegetable curry and served him all the chicken. Tonight we each made our own quick dinners so I had a quinoa/chickpea/broccoli/spinach/beet salad which is what I would normally do for myself anyway. Why sneaky? He’ll be scared I’ll start cooking vegan all the time, as I’m not really committed to it yet I just don’t want to have that discussion yet!

So being a vegan for six days I don’t feel much different, although my digestion feels much better. I didn’t think there was anything wrong with my digestion before, but I don’t feel heavy and I don’t really feel the food go down. I never thought I felt the food going down before, but there is a lack of something which used to go on in my digestion and I like it.

Why don’t you reinvent yourself to a raw vegan just at lunchtime with the veggie wrap recipe below? It is delicious and filling. The first time I made it I doubled the ingredients and ended up with 4 halves which is too many. 2 halves should fill you up.

Raw Nori Salad Wraps
Wunda Woman Wellness: 
Recipe type: Raw Vegan
Cuisine: Raw
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 1
Get healthy and clean with these vegan raw nori salad wraps.
  • 1 sheet raw nori
  • ½ cup grated carrot (around ½ carrot)
  • ½ cup grated zucchini (around ½ zucchini)
  • ½ cup baby spinach leaves
  • 4 baby tomatoes, halved
  • ½ avocado
  • ¼ cup raw cashews
  • ¼ cup mint leaves
  • ¼ cup coriander leaves
  • Juice of ½ lime
  1. Whizz the avocado, cashews, mint, coriander and lime in a small food processor or blender, until most of the cashews are processed.
  2. Spread the avocado mixture all over one side of your nori sheet, leaving about 2cm at the end furthest away from you.
  3. Top with baby spinach, then carrot, then zucchini. Put tomatoes on next to them. Roll towards the end with 2cm left. When you get there, wet this area down with some water on your finger and then keep rolling to secure. If it doesn't stick together, keep wetting with your fingers.
  4. Cut in half and enjoy!


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