Here is the never-ending list of blogs I regularly visit to get inspiration for healthy eating or just inspiration in general.

How To Guides

How to cook quinoa, including 50 quinoa recipes
How to eat organic on a budget (FoodBabe)
How to store fresh fruits and vegetables (Organic Authority)
How to clean your home naturally (WWF)
How to greenylicious your skin and hair care (Earthsprout)

Home made Pantry Staples

The Holistic Ingredient: Nut Butters, Jam, Raw Chocolate, Gluten Free Flour & More!
Jamie Oliver: Indian Curry Pastes

Food Blogs

You’ll notice there are a lot of vegan blogs here – they are close to converting me!

My New Roots Healthy vegetarian recipes, with some raw and vegan recipes.
Green Kitchen Stories – Vegetarian recipes with beautiful photography.
Food Babe  – not so many recipes, but an excellent educational resource for food.
Yum Universe – great resource for all things organic, healthy and plant based. Heaps of plant based gluten free recipes.
This Rawsome Vegan Life – raw and vegan – so much colour and energy in this site.
Raw on $10 a day (or less) – raw can be done on a budget!

Parenting & Healthy Kid Food

Free Our Kids – Harriet’s blog inspired me to try not to buy new toys or clothes this year. We’re all (excluding the stubborn husband) selling clothes don’t need/fit on ebay and buying anything we need from there. I’m to have a total toy ban as the kiddies have loads of stuff they don’t play with.

Wunda Woman Wellness PinBoard for Healthy Kids Eating

Produce for Kids

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