Tea Anyone?



I remember reading a quote somewhere that said something along the lines of having a routine will actually give you more free time to be spontaneous. As a mother I am constantly trying to go with some sort of routine as I now fully believe that statement.

So where does tea fit into all of that? Well, it seems the changes in my day and the shift from one routine to the next are marked with tea. And I like it like that.

My day starts with hot water and lemon – yes I realise what a giant cliche that is, but ever since I’ve been breastfeeding the second time around, I feel it really refreshing to have a giant cup of water and lemon, although I usually also have a glass of water whilst waiting for the kettle.

I make my lemon water with about 50% boiling water and the rest of the water from the cold filter.

After breakfast I might make a pot of tea, yes I said a pot. Seeing as I’m at home and tea tastes better from a pot I thought hell yeah. Also I figure there’s less environmental impact from the packaging of loose leaf tea vs tea bags. As I don’t really do dairy any more, it is soy with my tea.

Peppermint tea

Then I’ll usually have a cup of peppermint tea. And after lunch, more peppermint tea. Afternoon snack time, peppermint tea, although sometimes I might go crazy and have green tea.

Then, are you ready for the exciting part of my day? 5 o’clock green tea. My husband and I are in a routine where we finish the daytime with a cup of green tea. I like to think it’s flushing away the day and making room for the night. It’s also usually when I’m feeding the kids so having a large cup of green tea is often a little bit of bliss. Drink slowly and breath…

But, green tea is not the end of my tea drinking day. Before bed I also indulge in chamomile tea. Especially if I’ve had a drinkie-poos. There’s something magical about chamomile I wish I knew about in my twenties. It seems to really aid in overindulgence of booze and reduce the feeling of hangover the next day.

So, that’s my day according to tea.

p.s. The main photo at the top of the page should be titled “Who spilt the tea” as a little someone crawled their way onto the balcony and made a beeline for my Limoges. With the pretty pastels though, who can blame her?